Medford Drivers Crash Through Curve

MEDFORD, Ore. — A Medford resident says car crashes are becoming a big problem on a sharp bend on Beall Lane. John MacDonald lives near the curve and says the City of Medford has done little to help in the last ten years. MacDonald says about once a year for the last thirteen years, a car crashes through his reinforced fence at high speeds. Some crashes spill into his backyard, flinging debris at his house.

He says reflectors were installed after he approached the City of Medford, but officials resisted his offer to have a safety rail installed at no cost to the City. “This side of the street is Central Point, that side is Medford, and the road itself belongs to the County. And between the three agencies they can’t do anything,” said MacDonald.

MacDonald says he just recently finished clearing debris from the most recent car crash. He says he’s still waiting on insurance money to repair his fence again. He says the cost for repairs is between $2,000-$4,000.

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  1. ED says:

    Mr. MacDonald I fell your pain sir, trying to get something done with the city is like pulling teeth, But the real problem is not the curve in the road sir, its been there for years. IT’S THE DRIVERS WHO THINK THEY CAN DRIVE SO DAM FAST. I see it everyday. SPEEDING seams to be a way of life today. I live on a street that has a 25 mph speed limit, do you think anybody followes it? maybe one or two. These kids today seem to think that our roads are racetracks for them to play on, while at the same time playing there so called music so loud it rattels the bolts loose on my car. I can here some of these cars coming 5 blocks away. Oregon law say’s 50 feet, If somebody can hear your music 50 feet from the car, By law it’s to loud and a safty hazard. Why dont the police start ticketing these people. I guess what im trying to say is I think driver error is what the real is problem here.

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