Medford District on First Day of Class

Medford, Ore. —   On the first day of classes since the Medford School District strike started, the district held a news conference about how school was going.

During the news conference, the district released information about how many substitutes it brought in for the duration of the strike. It says it has about 150-180 substitutes. Earlier the district told us it would need 300 subs for the job.

Before the afternoon classes started, the district estimated about 50-60% of students attended the morning sessions. It does expect to have exact numbers by the end of the day.

The district said it did experience issues when a school bus did not show up for its altered route. A bus that was supposed to pick up Oak Grove students, did not show up. Parents were forced to take their children to school. The district said that will not happen tomorrow and that it is working on fixing the kinks.

During the news conference, the district also said sports would be the same for students. However, it said students who are not attending school will not be able to participate in school sports.

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  1. KeepItUp says:

    50%? That’s fantastic!

    I hope more parents show their support for the teachers union and keep their kids home during the strike. :)

    For every student that doesn’t show the district loses money.

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