Medford Discusses Dog Laws

pitbulls 4MEDFORD, Ore. — Some on the Medford City Council are stressing that they are not discussing a ban on pit bulls, and want to clear that up for the public.

At Thursday’s city council meeting, Mayor Gary Wheeler said the city has not yet proposed any ban on dangerous dogs, or any new laws targeting specific breeds.

After being presented information on pit bull bites last week, the council is asking the police advisory committee to come up with new ordinances that punish neglectful dog owners of any breed.

“There is no mention in the motion of dangerous breeds, and/or banning dogs of any breed,” said Medford Mayor Gary Wheeler.

“Any dog that is never trained, socialized, abused or neglected, will turn into a bad dog, and that’s any breed,” said dog supporter Kate Ford.

Councilor John Michaels said he does want the committee to consider all options, including for specific breeds, the council hopes to have recommendations back by April.


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  1. Linda Lyon says:

    If spaying and neutering were free and allowing your dog to produce pups was very expensive (due to fines or a breeder’s license) and it was all monitored closely, then soon there would be no problem. Don’t tell me it’s too expensive. It’s expensive now and totally dysfunctional. Besides, it would stop cruelty too dogs and we owe that to them.

  2. Kelly R says:

    Pet owners make a dog mean or train them to fight. It is not the dogs fault. Target bad pet owners by fines and jail time. Ban the owner for animal abuse from ever owning a pet again if they are found to have caused the animal to have a vicious temperment or allow the animal to bite someone by not controlling it. Banning a breed just because society has labeled them dangerous is wrong. For those fighting the city counsel on this issue – Keep up the good work. They are targeting the animal to avoid the real issue and that is bad people.

  3. Annie says:

    Linda I agree but that isn’t what people are wanting to hear.
    As long as the county animal shelters support pet mills & backyard breeding what you are suggesting will not happen.
    They derive a large part of their money for operating funds from license fees. The more licensed dogs the more money they make. In their eyes. & they have several workers volunteering so less money going out.
    Yesterday, again, I said basically the same thing & the whole story was yanked off within 30 minutes .It happens if people don’t respond the way the media wants.
    With SNYPS anyone can afford to get their pets fixed–dogs & cats alike. There is NO excuse for family pets to be intact.
    Simply banning the breeding would solve more than 1 problem. Then making offensive animal owners pay–really pay–would help more.

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