Medford Dad Delivers Son

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MEDFORD, Ore. — A local dad delivers his baby, and now he and his wife are telling the special and unexpected story.

The couple live just a few blocks from the hospital but didn’t make it in time for the delivery. The Rogers family made one trip to the hospital this week, then got sent home for the evening, despite persistent contractions.

Drew and Stephanie Rogers say they had a normal pregnancy up until this past Monday. Stephanie says she knew she should’ve stayed, but following doctor’s orders, they went home for the evening; an hour later, it was time to push.

Her husband, Drew, became a hero she says when he responded to her calls from the bathroom. She told him there was no time to get to the car or the hospital and he just took over.

“My first priority was to get the baby out,” said Drew Rogers. “I mean, I was shocked at the same time, but I still felt like I had to do what I had to do at that moment. Like, I didn’t have time to call anybody, it was just get in there and do what I had to do.”

Drew did not call 911 until after the birth because he says it all happened so quickly. Baby Maxwell is the first unexpected home delivery mercy flights ambulance crew has responded to all year.

The couple says EMTs were impressed with Drew’s efforts: he cleared the baby’s airways and tied the umbilical cord until crews arrived. His big brother Peyton was not home at the time.


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  1. Rachelle says:

    I am so proud of me friends I love them all so much. I am glad everything went well I was on standby that night cause we knew something might happen cause I was gonna be in the room but that all changed and all I can think about now is what a Hero Drew is and what a Super Mom Stephanie is =)

  2. Matthew Brian says:

    Nice work cousin. Proud of you guys. Stop causing so much drama! We love you. Say hi to Maxwell for us.

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