Medford Council Talks Dog Safety

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Medford Police and city leaders are talking about how to prevent attacks by pit bulls and other vicious dogs.

Specifically, police say pit bulls are responsible for about half of all reported dog bites in Medford. The city council requested this information from Medford Police after two incidents last fall where pit bulls attacked other dogs.

The city council is trying to decide whether there needs to be additional rules for those dogs or their owners. According to statistics from Medford Police, there were 89 reported dog bites: 43 against humans, 24 against other dogs, 9 against cats, and 13 involving both humans and dogs, like when someone tried to break up a dog fight. Police say of those bites, half of them were from pit bulls or pit bull mixes.

Police laid out several options other areas across the U.S. have done in regards to pit bulls, including banning the breed outright, banning them from certain areas like parks, requiring sterilization, or requiring harnesses and muzzles when they are taken on walks.

Some people, including the Southern Oregon Humane Society, says it’s not about one type of dog. Kenn Altine, the executive director of the Southern Oregon Humane Society says pit bulls get stereotyped as dangerous dogs, and he says the focus should be on the dog’s owners.

“I’ve met a lot of vicious dogs. Some of them have been pit bulls, some of them have been Chihuahuas. One of them was a particularly nasty cocker spaniel. So when you look at, what is a vicious dog? We’re talking about a behavior, and not a breed,” said Altine.

Medford Police admitted the statistics might be incomplete, they said there are a number of dog bites that are never reported.

City councilors did not make any sort of decision on Thursday. The issue will be taken up by the police advisory council, which will take public comment on any proposal.


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  1. Don says:

    It’s not the breed of dog, It’s the owner not having control. Statisticly most dog bites are from Labradors.

  2. Valerie Langford says:

    I am so sick of these dogs getting a bad rap – when are the owners going to be held accountable?

  3. Darlene Christean says:

    I agree it’s not the breed, but the owner not having control over there animal. My dog was attacked by a malamute who tried to break her neck. The only thing that saved her was the fact that she was on a leash which I kept tight.
    So was the other dog, but the small young woman walking her could not control it or pull it off my dog. Aggressive dogs should have muzzles. It took other people at that time to pull her dog off of my small dog. When I reported the incident to the police they said they couldn’t do anything because the other dog was on a leash. That’s where the muzzle law should come into play.
    I worked for the post office for 20 years. I was only bitten by two spaniel type dogs. It’s the owner not the dog. It’s the training, not the dog.

  4. Annie says:

    It is BOTH…there is a reason they are called PIT BULLS. Pits are where various blood sports take place. Usually pitting 1 dog against another. Different breeds but the fighters breed dogs for fighting. Pit bull is a generic term for aggressive fighting dogs that can’t be pulled off & WIN. That is how they make money & these dogs are still being bred for that purpose.
    The Nanny pit is pure fabrication.
    Look at the various pit mixes. They are being bred to be huge & of course vicious.
    Many of the dogs bred in the high drug areas as in So. Oregon are bred to be aggressive. They are bred to protect the druggies’ productions. Yes, there are some that are not. But most are backyard bred by druggie people. Yes, there are people other than druggies who have them but those dogs more than likely didn’t come from a druggie breeder.
    The Staffordshire terrier is not a pit bull tho it can be used as such.
    ANY person who has a large determined dog will not be able to control it. Dogs have greater strength & endurance than most people. Take a 200 lb. mastiff pit or Dane pit bred to fight & a man is not going to be able to control it. Period. Trainers want you to believe they can solve the problem. They can’t. Unless the dog is heavily trained. Look at police dogs. The amount of training required for control. The average person will not do that. Nor can most afford it. You don’t train an aggressive dog by ‘loving it’.
    ANY dog can be aggressive. I have more scars from dachshunds & chihuahuas that ‘won’t hurt you’ than any other dog. So again. It is both.Just like there is no such thing as a harmless human, there is no such thing as a harmless dog.
    With the tremendous overpopulation of dogs & cats ALL ‘family pets’ should be sterilized. If an animal is bred for any reason, there should be a fine & the dog sterilized or charged a HUGE fee for breeding. Would solve most of these problems.
    People need to get over themselves & stop the nonsense. NO one has a basic human right to terrorize their neighbors. They DO have a basic human responsibility to respect the other persons’ safety. Their right to life without the trauma of dog attacks..

    1. Valerie Langford says:

      Annie – you cannot blame the DOG – they do not train themselves.

  5. DAN says:


  6. Troy Townsend says:

    American Pit Bull Terriers(A.P.B.T) are on the whole extremely friendly dogs as many pet owners or stewards,as well as veterinarians ,humane society employees, animal rescue groups, and temperament testing agencies will testify,another unlikely source, that would testify to the A.P.B.T friendly and stable disposition, would be, the dog fighters,or Pit Dog Men,who have carried on the historic practice of fighting the A.P.B.T as it has been passed down from generation to generation,going all the way back to whene the dog was being seperrated into its specific breed,however because Hysterical Media has caused many casual observers to the subject of A.P.B.T to consider the information sharred by Pit Dog Men as nothing more then promoting animal cruely,then Pit dog men testimony is often rejected or blocked out.Thanks to the freedoms allowed in the Constitution of The united States “Bill Of Rights”many experienced and reknowned Pit Dog men have legaly sharred their observations of the breed,in many books,magazine articles,Internet sites and blogs as well as videos.from authors such as Richard F.Stratton ,George Armitage and Louis Colby to name afew.I feel that in order to solve problems associated with the A.P.B.T we must first promote open mindedness to the subject of A.P.B.Ts’then we must come to some sort of agreement as to what the actual traits of A.P.B.T are, We must then promote our findings to the general public.In order to do this we need to accept all of the point and views as well as opinions from all of the parties involved even the unpopular, ones such as is the Pit dogs mens testimony,of the breed.Pit dog men have long sharred that many of their charges were animal aggressive but extremely human friendly.The American Temperment Testing Society,(A.T.T.S) test results support their testimony as The A.P.B.T,although it is leading in Fatal attack statistics,do show to have a better temperament then the average of dog breeds even ones that have little or no fighting history such as Golden retrievers and American Staffordshire Terriers(Am Staffs)wich coincedently have been reported to have been bred away from their fighting history.Most experts agree that Temperment is a biological or hereditary trait,so it then cannot be said that the reason A.P.B.T have such a good temperment is because of training.another thing that pit dogmen and veterinarians share is that Game bred A.P.B.T that have been recently physicaly traumatized in dog fights,are often in good spirits and allow veterinarians to work on them even though they are being caused extreme discomfort.the reputation to let people give medical treatment with out so much as whimper cannt be shared by the average breed .I must log off now but I will be back later to share more reasons why education and not Breed specific Laws should be used to solve problems associated with A.,P.B.T and why we should promote Open mindedness on the subject.

  7. tracey hills says:

    If u look up the top 20 breeds of dangerous dogs guess what pits come in 6th and chihuahua comes in before the pit at 5 the so get things right its not the dog it the Damn owner that screws it all up !!!!!!

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