Medford Cab Drivers Honor Huson

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Cabs lined up by the dozens Saturday afternoon, two weeks to the day Valley Cab driver William “Huey” Huson picked up what would ultimately be his last fare.

“Kind of shutting down town as far as cabs go and showing support for Huey you know,” said owner of Affordable Taxi Tim Stickler.

Multiple cab companies shut down service as more than three dozen cabs lined up for a procession from where Huson’s body was found off Helo Drive to the Red Lion Hotel in Medford.

“He was always there we was always on the corner and I don’t want to not see him anymore,” said cab driver Alice Scott

Scott and others wore tie-dye shirts in honor of Huson who they say could always be seen wearing the bright colors. Scott knew Huson for more than 18 years and says shes only been back behind the wheel of her cab for a few days now and thinks of him the minute she turns the key.

“I just prayed that god would let him ride shotgun with me to get me through that first day and sometimes I last two hours and sometimes I last three hours,” said Scott

Fellow cab drivers held Huson in high regard for his warm and caring personality and his willingness to help others.

“He was the king of cab drivers, I mean he had been around town for probably longer than everyone else around here,” said Stickler.

Scott says it may be a little competitive sometimes, but at the end of the day they are all really close friends.

“We are a family no matter who we work for, what companies we work for, we all stand behind eachother and deeply love eachother,” said Scott.


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  1. jim says:

    RIP Huey, you have some great friends who will miss you.

  2. Alice Scott says:

    Huey, I will spend the rest of my life missing my best friend. And that you were. Wayne and I put the taxi procession on on for you yesterday in remembrance of you. I hope you liked it. All your friends were there. It was so beautiful. I spoke at the celebration of your life and I was shaking so bad I couldn’t hardly stand but u were there to hold me up I could feel it. We will find your killer if its the last thing we ever do. I promise! Thank you to all the cab drivers for doing such a great job. I love you Huey and I will see you one day and we will have a hot totti again. Forever your girl, Al (Alice)

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