Medford Brides Give Back

By Erin Maxson

MEDFORD, Ore. — Move over “bridezilla” – there is a new, more giving, bridal show coming to town.

The “Brides Miracle Network” is the brain child of Fran Hansen, who is a long time philanthropist and has been in the bridal biz for decades, she is hoping to inspire both brides and businesses to give back and make a difference.

Kristin Burroughs isn’t just blushing bride-to-be, she is also helping out at this fabulous bridal affair. This huge mobile inventory is also raising money for deserving charities; the stop in Medford kicks off 32 national stops.

“My hope is that I have the opportunity to talk to brides, as they’re choosing the dress of their dreams, to remind them that there are others less loved, less fortunate who truly need a blessing and this lovely bride can help make a difference in their life by simply making a donation to her charity,” explains Fran Hansen, of the Brides Miracle Network.

The dresses are all brand new, brand name and deeply discounted, but there are two ways you can save even more” one is to bring in postal stamps, but only a certain kind will do.

“If they bring in 100 research stamps, that will cost them 55 dollars, ‘cause the stamps are 55 cents each,” Hansen says. “They bring them right over here to me and I will give them a dollar per stamp on their wedding gown, so instead of saving 5% to their favorite charity, they can actually save an additional 45 dollars.”
Brides can also make a pledge to donate to their favorite charity between now and the big day.

“Then they receive an additional 5% discount of up to 100 dollars,” says Hansen.

Kristin has chosen to make her donation to breast cancer research.
“It’s a good cause and I want to find a cure for breast cancer,” she says.

Brides are not the only ones who are encouraged to step up; Hansen hopes the businesses that cater to weddings will do their part, too.
“That is to get the bridal shops, the photographers, the florists…everyone to participate in using those stamps that we will raise millions more dollars,” Hansen states.

This event goes on until 9 p.m. Friday night at Red Lion in Medford, and doors open Saturday at 9 a.m., wrapping up at 6 p.m. If you “like” Fabulous Bridal Affairs on Facebook, you’ll get your veil for free as well.