Medford Brewery Makes Major Switch

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MEDFORD, Ore. — A Southern Oregon nano-brewery is making a major switch.

Apocalypse Brewing Company does not exist anymore, at least in name.

The brewery, located on Rossanley Drive, opened in September of 2012. At the time, owner Nick Ellis and his wife choose “Apocalypse” because of a shared joke between the two.

Before the first pint was poured, 10 Barrel Brewing, a much larger company in Bend, contacted Ellis. 10 Barrel Brewing has a beer with the word “apocalypse” in the title, so it claimed the rights on it.

Ellis and his wife felt otherwise. Since then, they have spent thousands on attorney fees. But ultimately to keep the brewery alive, the company changed its name, which was another added cost.

“Of course there was the significant expense of rebranding, having an new logo designed, paying for that. Having a new website built, all new signage, and all new branded merchandise certainly was an expense. It was thousands, and thousands, and thousands of dollars,” Ellis said.

The new name was actually chosen by a group of loyal patrons and beer club members who all settled on opposition.

So Apocalypse is now Opposition Brewing.

NewsWatch 12 asked Ellis if his customers had any specific purpose behind that name or if it was a tongue-and-cheek reference to the legal battle. He said perhaps, but when it comes down to it, the beer is the same no matter what name it goes under.