Medford Airport Unveils New TSA App

MEDFORD, Ore. – This holiday season, the TSA is hoping to make your travels a little easier, with a smartphone app. The Medford TSA unveiled the application at the Rogue Valley International Medofrd Airport on Tuesday, during a meeting set to give the public holiday travel tips.

It’s called “My TSA,” and it lets you search any object that you are thinking of bringing to the airport during your trip. The app tells you if you can carry on the item, check it in your bag, or if you should just leave it at home all together.

“TSA recommends that passengers not travel with wrapped packages this holiday season. The reason for that is obvious. unfortunately if TSA needs to check an item inside a bag there’s a possibility that we may have to unwrap that bag,” said TSA Public Affairs Manager Kim Stearns.

The app is free for iPhone and Androids, and can even be accessed on your computer. TSA hopes it will help prevent backups in the security lines, when people have to be stopped from bringing items on the airplane that are not allowed.