Medford Airport Receives National Award

MEDFORD, Ore. — Rogue Valley Medford International Airport manager, Bern Case, has picked up a national award on behalf of the airport.

On Wednesday, officials from the Transportation Safety Administration presented the National TSA Partnership Award to Case at the County Commissioners Meeting.

The director of Federal Security for Oregon, Mike Irwin, praised Case and the staff for making operations at the Medford airport among the best in the country for an airport this size.

Irwin says, “If you don’t have a good partnership with the airport that you serve, then things don’t work well, and so that is what makes an airport run well. It’s what provides the support to our people. It’s what makes it economically viable, so when people come through they’re treated with respect and they get the kind of security they need.”

In return, Case praised the airport staff for working together to earn the award.