Plane Crash Impacts Local Airport

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MEDFORD, Ore. — A crash landing at San Francisco International Airport is affecting air traffic in Medford.

The Medford Airport is a hub for United Airline flights flying to and from San Francisco to Medford.  The crash cancelled one outgoing flight and two incoming flights.  United Airlines had one plane fly out of Medford’s airport this morning. It was rerouted to Sacramento.

Several passengers at the Medford Airport had to re-book flights.

“Some passengers here are renting cars,” said Kim Stearns, Public Information Officer at Medford Airport.  “They’re taking matters into their own hands, so that is going to be on an individual basis on what passengers are comfortable with doing.”

It is still unclear how many people the crash will affect total.  Sterns said it could be hundreds maybe even thousands before it is all done.  She said it just depends on the time frame.

“Right now the focus is the incident that occurred at San Francisco international, and until that is cleared up and their ready to open those runways that is going to be the primary,” said Stearns.