Medford Airport Flights Back On Track

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MEDFORD, Ore. —  For the most part flights were back on schedule today at the Medford Airport.

All flights are returning to their regular schedule today according to Medford Airport spokesperson Kim Stearns.

Some United Airline customers were still left up in the air today.   Steven Reid was supposed to fly out today, but he got an email from United Airlines saying his flight had been cancelled.  He got to the airport early to get the situation worked out.

Another traveler said he was lucky.  Tim Cumming was scheduled to fly into San Francisco around the time of the crash, but he missed his flight.  Therefore, he had to travel through Denver to get to Medford instead of San Francisco.    He only had one problem when he landed at the Medford Airport, and that was he did not have his luggage.  His luggage had been shipped to San Francisco and he was currently in the process of filing a claim to get it returned.

Stearns said people who are planning on flying in or out of the Medford Airport should check with their airline carrier to make sure their flights are still on schedule.

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  1. jerseynanc44@aol.com says:

    Not true, Sunday was an absolute nightmare trying to get out first through United that wasn’t going to happen, tried Allegiant which had at least 2 several hour delays throughout the day.

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