Medford Airport Changes Security

MEDFORD, Ore. — Security is switching up at the Rogue Valley International-Medford Airport. Medford Police officers are no longer going to be the main security system airport officials plan to hire private security guards instead.

Airport Director Bern Case said lack of funding is the blame. The Transportation Security Administration helped pay for officers to secure the airport but now dollars are being cut for that program.

Three Medford Police officers helped the airport making sure everything went smoothly inside at the check-point line. Now with reduced funds the airport plans to keep one officers for the next six months till it finds a security company as a replacement.

By going with private security guards, the airport estimates saving $200,000 a year, but the Airport Director and Medford Police Chief said these changes will not impact the safety of travelers. The police chief says those three officers working at the airport will not be laid off. The department had four positions open which the officers who worked at the airport will fill.

The airport director says he has not found a security company yet to replace the officers but the guards will have a license to carry firearms.