Medford Agencies Have Gunman Training

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Medford Police Department and Medford Fire and Rescue are preparing for the day they will be confronted by a gunman and victims in need of medical care. The scenario-based training seems even more valuable as the number of armed attacks continues to increase.

Law enforcement officials say they need to sharpen the skills they hope to never have to use.  In the training session on Friday afternoon, a building in Medford was set up as if it was attacked by an armed gunman.

The goal of the exercise was for police to secure the area and handle the shooter, and fire and rescue would then come in to help victims. Police officials say they wanted to make it as real as possible to prepare the agencies for the worst case scenarios.

“There’s been a lot of school shootings, a lot of shootings in general,” said Lt. Mike Budreau with the Medford Police Department, “We unfortunately anticipate that something like that will eventually happen here in Medford and we just want to be completely ready for that.”

The training occurs annually, but this year, officials say they focused on getting medics into the building as soon as possible to provide care.