Grange Casino Suspends Campaign

WOOD VILLAGE, Ore. — The campaign in support of two casino related ballot measures is no longer active. Tuesday afternoon, supporters of Measure 82 and 83 announced that they will no longer run paid advertisements related to the effort to allow private casino’s in the state of Oregon.

Measure 82 would have amended the state constitution, authorizing establishment of privately-owned casinos. Measure 83 would have established the first private casino in the state at Wood Village, near Portland.

A statement by proponents said they, “knew it would be a challenge to break the existing political and gaming monopoly in Oregon”. That may be in response, at least in part, to Oregon’s current governor and three previous governors speaking out against the measures. Local state representatives said they also opposed the measures.

“If you get one going, then people are going to say, why not two, then why not three and four and so on and so forth. So I think it would just be an opening of the door to proceed on, and I don’t think that’s healthy for our state,” said Representative Sal Esquivel (R) – District 6.

Stacy Dycus, the campaign manager for Yes on 82 and 83, sent out a press release Tuesday afternoon, which stated: “Despite this, we continue to strongly believe a tax-paying casino would benefit Oregon’s economy and schools, which are both in great need.”

Opponents of The Grange voiced their opinions as well. The organization against Measures 82 and 83, called “Still A Bad Idea”, said they will continue to run ads opposing the ballot measures; that’s because voters can still vote in favor of the ballot measures in the November 6 election.

Cynara Lilly, Spokesperson for “Still A Bad Idea”, also released a statement on Yes on 82 and 83’s campaign halt:

“It’s clear that the proponent’s misleading ads attempting convince voters to fundamentally alter how gambling is managed in Oregon have not connected with voters – despite having spent more than $6 million dollars on a glitzy ad campaign,” Lilly wrote. “Measures 82 and 83 are a crass attempt to change Oregon’s gambling system from being based on public good to being based on corporate profit […] If passed, these measures would break and agreement with Oregon’s Indian tribes, damage the state’s economy and irrevocably change the culture of Oregon.”

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