MEA Files Complaint

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Medford teachers are already in the middle of intense contract negotiations, and now the Medford Education Association is filing an unfair labor practices complaint against the district.

The MEA says the school district is breaking promises it made to teachers back in 2011 to restore concessions made by teachers, and to add back cut school days once the district received additional funding from the state.

The district says complaints like this have been filed before, and they have successfully resolved them every time. This district says they have received additional state funding.

Medford School District received $93 million in the 2011- 2013 biennium, and $101 million for the 2013-2015 biennium, but they are putting that money towards additional classroom resources. They say they did add 4 days back to the school year last year.

The memorandum signed by the MEA and the Medford School District states that the current contract with reduced days would stay that way until a new agreement is reached.

“The complaint that has been filed, it’s just that: it’s a complaint with the agreements that we had. It’s important to keep our word and a contract is word against two parties so we believe that we are keeping our current contract word but now that that contact is expired we need a new contract,” said Superintendent Dr. Phil Long.

The MEA says they do not believe the complaint will affect contract negotiations. Next Tuesday, the MEA and the Medford School District plan to meet and plan to further discuss contract negotiations.