McPhails To Help Build For A University

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By Steven Sandberg

MEDFORD, Ore. — Last fall, the community came together to build the McPhail family a brand new house. Now that same community and family are using that experience to try to help others all the way across the Pacific.

When the Extreme Makeover crew the McPhail family the keys to their new home, CJ McPhail promised he would pay it forward. Now he’s getting the chance.

“It doesn’t stop there,” C.J. says. “When you do something that magnificent and that beautiful and that incredible, big things continue to happen.”

CJ McPhail is traveling with Rush Behnke, the home’s lead designer, to Kona, Hawaii to construct buildings for the University of Nations.

“All of the staff are volunteers, and they’re missionaries, and so they have to raise their own support,” Behnke explains.

The two men say they have plenty of inspiration from the groups of volunteers who came to help Extreme Makeover: Home Edition build the McPhail’s home.

“Southern Oregon, Northern California, the thousands of volunteers have been a part of the inspiration to build these new buildings for the University of Nations,” says CJ.

Rush Behnke says the experience of building the McPhail home cemented the value of paying that service forward and he hopes to bring more workers from Southern Oregon to Hawaii for the project and share the ability to helps others, after being helped so much.

If you would like to get involved in the project, you can log on to KonaSummerSurge.com for more information.