McLoughlin Middle School Meets Sparrow

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Middle school students are heading back to class after meeting a local child who is fighting for her life.

It was a very emotional assembly that took place Thursday morning as students met 4-year-old Izzy. Izabell Rodriguez is battling a very aggressive form of leukemia. Earlier this year, her parents noticed what they thought was a spider bite, but it didn’t go away. It was followed by a fever, yellowing skin and bloody noses.

Finally, in September, her mom took her to the ER when they discovered Izzy had cancer. For 29 days straight she had chemo induction, but the leukemia failed to respond. Now, she has chemo three times a week. She has had 12 blood and 7 platelet transfusions.

Thursday, McLoughlin Middle School students met her, hearing this same story. At the end of the assembly, they were asked to stand silently if they would do community service to help raise money for Izzy, and without a second thought students throughout the assembly stood to their feet.