McKensey Peters: Amateur AotW

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MEDFORD, Ore. – McKensey Peters tried every sport in the book, but the North Medford senior dominated the basketball court. Much of her success is due to her competitive nature.

“I’m just super competitive,” Peters said. “I think it comes from the heart of course and my teammates that I’ve played with for years and years. We’ve all kind of stuck in it.”

North Medford head basketball coach Tim karrick said, “That’s the one great thing about a competitor like her and many of the other girls is when you get on the floor, it’s game time and it’s competition time. So she knows when to turn that switch on.”

Despite displaying her competitiveness in several different sports, there’s a reason Peters loves the hardcourt.

“Basketball’s my number one sport because you need five players all at once,” she said. “It’s not an individual sport. Being on a team you really have to learn to pick yourself up and keep your head up.”

“The one thing that I appreciate the most is she’s come to practice every day to work hard,” Karrick said. “When your best player comes every day to work, everybody’s got to come to work. So it’s really elevated our play. It’s made her better. It’s made everybody better.”

Plus, if she’s having an off night shooting or playing against a tough opponent, her team can always count on that passion and intensity.

“I’ve coached here for a while,” Karrick said, “and she’s as talented as any girl that we’ve had, but i think the one thing that separates her is her toughness, and she’s just very physical.”

You might not see that toughness off the court where McKensey’s affable and soft-spoken, but on the court it’s what makes her one of the best.