Mazama High School Adopts Sparrow

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KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. – Students spent the afternoon supporting a local family so they can help their child get the training he needs.

Class is back in session here at Mazama High School and the students here are starting off the new year with the first Sparrow Club assembly of 2013. This afternoon students filed for a sparrow club assembly; it’s here they met Dominik. He turns two-years-old on Sunday and he’s made so much progress.

He was deaf and blind at birth and doctors said that would never change, but his parents didn’t believe the doctor and started taking Dominik to training – called Anat Baniel Therapy – designed to bring awareness to Dominik’s brain. The results were so powerful, Peter Roby, Dominik’s dad, is starting training in may to become a practitioner himself.

“With my son my motivation is huge because I want for him to be able to walk someday; I want him to be able to run and play with his sisters; and I want him to be able to communicate with us verbally so we know what he’s thinking and I know that with this training we’ll be able to help him get there,” Roby said.

Also helping him get there are the high school students who pledged to stand up and help Dominik through volunteer work. To find out more about Dominik and how you can help, click here.


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  1. Peter Roby says:

    You can read more about Dominik’s journey, as well as follow his progress at :


  2. Heather says:

    I am interested in learning more about the Anat Baniel Therapy and where in Oregon you can go to get that therapy for children, we have a new grandson diagnosed with Bi-Lateral Schizencephaly and I didn’t know i this could help him he is only 2 months old. Thank you Heather

    1. Peter Roby says:

      Heather … Please feel free to e-mail me directly! I would be honored to tell you more about the Anat Baniel Method! ~ Peter

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