Mayoral Debate In Ashland

ASHLAND, Ore. – The mayor’s position is on the ballot for Ashland voters. Wednesday night, the Ashland Schools Foundation and Educate Ashland sponsored a debate between the three candidates (current Mayor John Stromberg, challenging candidates Alan Deboer and Michael Erickson) on a topic near and dear to the organizations’ hearts.

“We need to root our economy in rich soil. This soil is not commerce. The soil is the caring for one another and the stewardship of our common resources,” candidate Michael Erickson said at the debate.

“It requires looking at it with a now mental framework at the schools and what assets that they have and how they can be used in more production and new ways,” stated Mayor Stromberg.

“Getting people involved is really the secret and how each of you can help is volunteer for committees at the city,” Alan Deboer said. “We need a balance. We need a lot of volunteers. We’re seeing a decline in that.”

The town hall-style conversation covered a range of education topics, including how the city and the district can reach a relationship of mutual agreement.