Mary Jane’s Basement Gets State Approval

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Mary Jane’s Basement is the first medical marijuana dispensary in the Rogue Valley to earn state approval from the Oregon Health Authority. The owner received the license Monday.

However, though they have the go ahead from the state, the city of Medford will still not issue Mary Jane’s Basement a business license under the city’s medical marijuana ban meaning they still cannot open legally.

Just over a month ago, Mary Jane’s Attic and Basement both had to close after the city revoked the owner’s business license for operating the marijuana dispensary under Medford’s dispensary ban. After an initial hearing, Mary Jane’s owner, Marlene Nuckols got the license back for Mary Jane’s Attic which was allowed to reopen as long as pot was not in the business plan.

Now the Attic is up and running selling other products, but the city says the Basement must stay closed.
Nuckols will appear in front of a judge later this week, and hopes that state approval will help sway the city to get her business license back.

“We’re going to keep fighting for patient’s rights here in Medford. We feel we all deserve a place that’s safe, that has quality medicine to go to, and that’s what we’re here to do, and we’re going to keep fighting for it,” said Nuckols.

If Medford does not issue Nuckols a business license for Mary Jane’s Basement, she is eligible to get any fees she payed for state approval back from the Oregon Health Authority.

Nuckols will appear for her next hearing Wednesday morning, when a judge will make a ruling on whether or not the city had the right to revoke the business license in the first place.



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  1. billbo39 says:

    Finally some folks who are actually trying to do right for patients in the valley.

  2. Annie says:

    One has to wonder why the state is trying to override local governments. Local has always had the final say & it seems the governor’s agenda is pushing aside the local laws. Interesting.
    Why does the state & media want Oregon to be drugged?
    Why does a governor who thinks it is just fine to murder unborn babies (innocent) think it is not Ok to execute vicious criminals (guilty)?
    Is this why we are supposed to have drugs? So we won’t think?
    Yeah, I know–the media will take this off so no one can read it.
    Learn to think, please. There is something really wrong in this state.

  3. Mary Jane says:

    Patients rights need to be paramount in these considerations, not some repressed outdated opinions as a result of propaganda and controlling religious zealots.

    The people of Oregon have spoken in favor of medical marijuana. Local politicians cannot and should not ignore our rights and do what they please, as they are only supporting the illegal trade. Perhaps they have a financial interest in illegal grow sites??

    The agenda of the city of Medford is questionable. Why on Earth would they want to suppress a much needed business that is beneficial to those in need? Of what are they so afraid?

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