Mary Jane’s Attic to Reopen After Court


MEDFORD, Ore. — Medford’s Mary Jane’s Attic is celebrating a court victory today. The court ruling allows Mary Jane’s Attic to reopen, but marijuana will be out of the business plan. The judge ruled that the Attic could continue to sell its other products, but marijuana will not be permitted to be sold.

The City of Medford revoked Mary Jane’s Attic’s business license last week for operating as a marijuana dispensary under the moratorium put in place by the city that strictly bans dispensaries in city limits.

Marlene Nuckols owns Mary Jane’s Attic, and though she was hoping to fully reopen after Wednesday’s court date, she said she will take whatever she can get.

“We’ve got a partial win here. Which is good. I’m ready to get back into the Attic and start working with local crafters, and candle makers, and jewelry makers, to get some new merchandise in for the spring season,” said Nuckols.

Mary Jane’s Attic’s will be back in court in early may for a judicial review. The city attorney’s office refused to comment on this topic.