Mary Jane’s Attic Officially Closed

Mary Jane's Attic

MEDFORD, Ore. — Mary Jane’s Attic is officially closed until at least July.

Mary Jane’s Attic had its business license revoked by the City of Medford at the beginning of the year for running Mary Jane’s Basement. The Basement is a medical marijuana dispensary which is not allowed under Medford’s moratorium.

The city’s decision was upheld in court, and Medford Police issued a 250 dollar fine to Marlene Nuckols on Monday for doing business without a license.

Police also said that the owner would continue to citations for every day that her store remained open.

Nuckols closed to re-evaluate the situation.

“In July, we will be able to reapply for the business license for Mary Jane’s Attic which I intend to do. In the meantime, I’m going to focus on Mary Jane’s Basement and about getting it open, [and] working on my political options,” said Nuckols.

Nuckols will have to appear in court for the one citation that she has, and hopes that by July, the business will have a license for both the Attic and the Basement.