Mary Jane’s Attic Could Lose License

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MEDFORD, Ore. — An ongoing fight over whether a Medford business called “Mary Jane’s Attic” can operate is headed to the city council. Late last week, the city finance director upheld an earlier decision to revoke their business license.

Mary Jane’s Attic, and its twin business, Mary Jane’s basement, both operate under the same business license. The owners received a letter in September from the city notifying them that their license was being revoked.

That decision was originally appealed but has since been denied, meaning their only option now is to appeal directly to the city council.

The co-owner, Marlene Nuckols, says she anticipated it would come this far.

“I hoped that it wouldn’t, but it seemed with the atmosphere at the time that this is where it was going to go,” said Nuckols.

While dispensaries are not legal yet until March, the business’s attorney, Leland Berger, says it is legal for a patient to reimburse a grower for expenses.

Berger says Mary Jane’s Attic is one of about 200 businesses already open in Oregon that facilitate that exchange on behalf of the patient. He says neither the Oregon Court of Appeals nor the Oregon Supreme Court have explicitly ruled out that model.

The city attorney’s office says the appeal to the city council should happen within the next 10 days. If the council sides with the city to revoke their business license, Mary Jane’s Attic can then take the issue to court. They will remain open in the meantime.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    We are so impressed with the city finance director’s decision and hope he will find community support. As a property owner, Jackson County never supported us when permits were issued for grow sites and for the past five or six years we are subjected to the odors every year, unsightly plastic make-shift walls required to hide the grow site, as well as the feeling of helplessness in the event the grower becomes aware of our dissatisfaction . No one gave a thought to how it impacts the resale value of our property! No thought to how families with children are impacted when living next to a grower. We have absolutely no objection to the use of Marijuana for medical use, but have never understood why it is not grown commercially under federal regulations for medical and/or recreational use. Why is it allowed to be grown in residential areas? I would imagine a permit for a pig farm would have more county restrictions. We’re extremely pleased to see Medford is attempting to institute strict regulations for establishing dispensaries, but as property owners, we would hope the county would do the same for private property owners and reevaluate the process of approving the grow sites. Thank you for this opportunity to express our opinion and hopefully that of other Jackson County land owners.

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