Marine Patrol is Ready for Labor Day

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LOST CREEK LAKE, Ore. — Saturday Lost Creek Lake had blue skies, visitors enjoying the lake and a sheriff’s deputy making sure everyone was safe.

“We’re just out here for safety and most the time it’s just people coming out with their families and having a good time. We are in full support of that, we just want them to do it safely. We don’t want to see anyone have a tragedy” said Jackson County Deputy Phil Cicero.

Deputy Cicero is on his fourth season of marine patrol and says so far this year all eight Jackson County lakes haven’t had a drowning. With Labor Day weekend just around the corner, he would love to keep it that way.

“Quite a few people probably are out as we always do on the three day weekends and this is a big one, Labor Day. So we will be out in force. We’ll be enforcing the boating laws and again making sure people have a good time but staying safe.”

Tim Pickens of Medford says sometimes he sees people overlooking safety while on the lake.

“There are folks who are new to boating and maybe don’t know some of the safety requirements that they should follow” said Pickens.

Deputy Cicero says the sheriff’s department is out on the lakes everyday stressing boat safety and alcohol awareness.

“A lot of times it has to do with drinking. People have too much to drink and it enhances lack of judgement and once they hit cold water you get the immediate breath taken away and you can end up sucking in water” said Deputy Cicero.