Washington Seeks Marijuana Consultant

MEDFORD, Ore. — A Washington state job application is sparking interest to the unemployed in Southern Oregon.

The state of Washington wants to find a few new marijuana consultants. The state wants a specialist to help with marijuana cultivation, retail sale and quality control, and according to a local cannabis center, the news of the opening is spreading through Southern Oregon.

Officials at Southern Oregon’s National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, or SO-NORML, said there are plenty of qualified people in the Medford area looking for jobs like the one offered in Washington.

SONORML’s Executive Director Lori Duckworth knows a few growers who have already moved to the Washington because they wanted to farm freely. She says some of the local grows that were raided by the federal government like High Hopes Farms are proof that there are plenty of qualified applicants in Southern Oregon for cannabis consulting jobs.

“I know lots of people who would like to fill those positions, if those positions were available here in Oregon, we could put Oregonians back to work,” said Lori Duckworth.

Along with the state government in Washington, other cannabis jobs are emerging. Large corporations are looking for marijuana advertising specialists and entertainment companies looking for family-owned grows to feature on reality shows.