Marijuana Dispensary Opens in Talent

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TALENT, Ore. — A state and city approved medical marijuana dispensary will soon be opening in Talent.

Despite Talent’s current moratorium, Green Valley Wellness on South Pacific Highway will welcome patients after months of preparation.
Green Valley Wellness received a business license from Talent in March, about a month before the city put an emergency moratorium in place.

Since they received that license before that, the business license was “grandfathered” in. For Green Valley Wellness administrators, they say it is all about helping the patients.

“This is an exquisite medicine and we wanted it to be represented in a way that is, like I said, is real, is professional, is clean and safe,” said Peter Gross with Green Valley Wellness.

Green Valley Wellness will open its doors on Friday at noon, and will be open Tuesdays through Sundays after that.

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  1. chris hastings says:

    About time this passed, I have APKD Autotomic Polycystic Kidney disease and I have a hard time getting serious medications perscribed.

    Thank goodness for Medical Marijuana otherwise I would Not even be able to get out of my bed in the morning without crippling pain.

    I can’t wait to see the types of medical products Green Valley Wellness has to offer.

    And the best thing about it is how close it is. I do not have to agitate my condition by traveling to far to get the medicines i need.

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