Marijuana Dispensaries Open in Ashland

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ASHLAND, Ore. — Medical marijuana dispensaries are now opening in Ashland, as the city begins approving business licenses for those facilities.

In January, the Ashland city council took out language in city ordinances that deny business licenses if a business conducts “illegal” activity. Now with that language eliminated, dispensaries can now apply, and some are already opening.

Siskiyou Medical Supply is one of those dispensaries. Owner Mike Welch said he applied first thing Thursday, and was approved later that morning. The dispensary will operate inside Puff’s Smoke Shop on Ashland Street.

Welch also submitted an application to the state, and is going through the approval process, which will include an inspection by state health officials.

Other cities in the Rogue Valley, including Medford and Phoenix, have taken steps to limit where dispensaries can open, or try to ban them altogether. But Welch says Ashland’s attitude has been different, and it could help the medical marijuana industry grow in southern Oregon.

“Ashland has always been, probably the past 30, 40 years, definitely more progressive than the rest of southern Oregon,” he said.

Monday was the first day dispensary owners could apply to the Oregon Health Authority. Welch said he will also need to submit a packet of information, including a background check and floor plan.

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  1. Dean says:

    Ha Ha. Did I just read that “medicine” is now available at a place called Puffs smoke shop. They aren’t even trying to sound professional at all. Excuse me while I head out to Pill poppers pharmacy for my prescription.Oregon is in trouble! I hope the feds do their job.

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