March Supports Tighter Gun Control

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ASHLAND, Ore. — Signs supporting tighter gun control accompanied dozens of members of the One Million Moms for Gun Control Southern Oregon campaign in Ashland Saturday morning.┬áThe crowd gathered outside the Ashland Library and marched to Lithia Park to bring awareness to their goal of bringing what they say is sensible gun control to the United States.

“What we need to do now is encourage congress to take immediate action on to approve the ban on assault weapons which the president has proposed,” said march organizer Melissa Mitchell-Hooge.

At the same time in Medford, doors opened for a gun show ,the second in less than a month in the Rogue Valley.
Gun show officials say business has been booming for a few reasons, one being the variety of gun control protests and threat of increased limitations.

“The other thing is they’re afraid there’s a certain number of guns they will not be able to get in the near future. So they’re out scrounging those up as fast as they can before we get to a point where they can’t have them anymore,” said gun show promoter Wes Knodel.

Knodel said vendors have had trouble keeping guns and ammunition on the tables as customers stock up on supplies.

“Vendors have been telling me business is very brisk, that they’re running out of inventory, sales are higher than they’ve ever been before. We’re talking about double, triple and quadruple of normal business,” said Knodel.

Mitchell-Hooge said their goal isn’t to infringe on Americans’ rights, but instead to take steps to prevent future tragedies.

“I want to make it clear that as an organization, we support the second amendment and those right to bear arms. We just want people to be safe about it and we want reasonable gun control enacted immediately,” said Knodel.

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  1. Dean says:

    How do you support the 2nd Amendment and gun control at the same time? You don’t. The 2nd Amendment has no restrictions on firearm types. Lets say they restrict magazines to 10 rounds and then some sickos take 3 magazines , which can be swapped very quickly, and still kill a lot of people. Now we need to limit people to single shots? Once they get started on it nothing will stop them. I’m very sad for those children but lets not let our constitution get blamed for their deaths. I get sick of people telling me that we are such a civilized nation now so we don’t need guns anymore to protect us from a tyrannous government. Oh really? What do you think keeps other countries from invading our shores? Our own military is not that powerful. We are the most hated country in the world and luckily we are the most heavily armed as well. If we are so civilized why would we let the actions of a few uncivilized individuals control our constitution? That is not what this country is supposed to be about. By the way China is pushing very hard for gun control in our country right now. By all means we need to let a communist nation tell us what to do.

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