Man’s Home Broken Into After Arrested

MEDFORD, Ore. — The same day that a Medford man was arrested on drug charges, three other individuals are caught breaking into his house. On Wednesday, police arrested Jeffery Rupert for the possession of methamphetamine and heroin.

Later that day, an investigator was driving by his residence when he noticed three individuals peering into Rupert’s home through a window. One of the suspects, later identified as a transient 32-year old Tara Lukasavage, crawled through a window to unlock the front door for the other two suspects. The two others were both identified as 33-year old Ryan Bohnert, and another transient, 32-year old Alex Metcalf.

The three individuals were observed leaving the home after some time with bags of property they didn’t have prior to entering the house. At this time, the investigator approached and detained Lukasavage and Metcalf, but Bohnert walked off. He was located shortly after by a Medford police officer who responded to assist. It’s believed one of the suspects knew Rupert had been arrested.

Officials asked Rupert if permission had been granted for these individuals to enter his home and remove property, and after learning it had not been, the three suspects were taken to Jackson County Jail for first degree burglary. All three gave conflicting stories why they entered Rupert’s residence. The property stolen included a Gio Ibanez guitar and $32.28 in change.