Man Wielding a Machete is Arrested

Coldwate,JonNEAR ASHLAND, Ore. — Just off Highway 99 north of Ashland, and into the woods, the Jackson County sheriff’s office said a homeless man armed with a machete charged at a group of four people and threatened to kill them Sunday afternoon.

Jon Coldwate faces charges of first degree assault and menacing after officials say the group approached him about his nearby living arrangements on a hill. It was then officials said Coldwate became violent and struck 28 year-old Isaac Lindsey with the machete, causing a deep wound on his hand. Coldwate was ultimately arrested last night.

While the sheriff’s office is handling the investigation, Ashland police also took interest to see if there were any similarities to their search for a suspect in the 2011 murder of David Grubbs.

“Especially something as big as a machete or a sword, anytime we become aware of something like that happening in the area, we like to scrutinize that in the light of being connected to the David Grubbs homicide investigation,” said Ashland Police Deputy Chief Tighe O’Meara.

Deputy Chief O’Meara said after looking into it, they don’t think there is any link between Coldwate and the Grubbs homicide. Coldwate did appear in court today on his charges and had his bail set at $50,000 and will next appear in court on August 4th.


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  1. Dee Dirks says:

    Perhaps this is the man who killed that young guy on the Ashland trail last year or the year before. Machete could easily cut off a person’s head.

  2. mary says:

    My husband was chased by this man wielding a machete last summer.. If my husband wasn’t a fast runner he would have definitely been hit by this man.. When my husband told me what happened my first thought was David Grubbs.. I really think this guy did it and I pray they do a thorough investigation..

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