Man Suspected of Kidnapping, Robbery

gp kidnappingGRANTS PASS, Ore. — Police have arrested a man suspected of robbing and kidnapping a 90-year-old woman.

Around 8 a.m. on Thursday, the Grants Pass Department of Public Safety say the suspect forcibly entered the victim’s residence and threatened to harm her if she did not cooperate. He ransacked her home, and then forced the victim to drive him to the nearby Walmart.

Police say he left her at the front of the store, drove her vehicle to the north side of the parking lot and left the area on foot. The vehicle was discovered abandoned in the lot. The woman called police from the Walmart. Police said she sustained minor injuries.

Working from information learned through the investigation, detectives located an associated vehicle related to the investigation at the Purple Parrot on SE J St. Numerous officers and detectives responded and took several people into custody. Among those detained was Craig Allen Cruz. Police found evidence implicating Cruz, and took him into custody.

Anyone who may have been in the area of Walmart around 8:00 am or with information pertaining to this case is encouraged to call 541-450-6260.

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  1. Gordon Schumway says:

    Prior to the arrest of the suspect Grants Pass finest pulled over a van with three seniors inside, then proceeded to point AR-15s at the occupants.
    Two black unmarked vehicles started following too close to the van. The driver decided to pull over to the side of the road to allow them to pass. One of the vehicles pulled behind the van and one vehicle in front of the senior’s van (Never pull in front of the suspect’s vehicle). Officers with SWAT masks then jumped out of the vehicle with AR-15s, pointing them at the occupants yelling at them to raise their hands, turn off the, and open the window. The driver had to explain that to the Officer yelling at her (DUH!) The Police shouted at the three seniors, demanding information about someone (can’t remember the name they asked), but by the looks of the suspect in the photo, no one fitting his description was an occupant of this vehicle (the average age of the occupants was 80).
    It is understandable that when dealing with a possible kidnapping situation, officers are expected take extra precautions for their safety, but once the situation was cleared, an apology would have been the professional way to end this very scary situation. In this case the Officers offered no apology for scaring the group, but took the time to yell at them repeatedly to move, but the officer forgot that one of the police cars was blocking her vehicle. (DUH!)

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