Man Suspected of Giving Daughter Meth

NEAR ROGUE RIVER, Ore. — A 6-year-old girl is rushed to the hospital after she swallows methamphetamine. Deputies say her father is the one responsible. Deputies told the Washington man his daughter’s life was in danger and he finally admitted to it.

On Monday, the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office recieved reports of a man acting suspicious at a Burger King in Ashland. That led deputies to 28-year-old Elijah Benbow. A deputy recognized benbow’s car, driving along Interstate 5. He pulled him over on the off-ramp in Rogue River.

The deputy noticed benbow was shaking and could not stop moving. Benbow claimed he was acting strangely because his 6-year-old daughter hid money from him, but after talking with the suspect’s daughter, she told the deputy her father was mad because she ate one of his “gray rocks”.

“They found several small baggy’s of meth inside the vehicle. The daughter at one point said, ‘that’s what I ate’, and was able to pinpoint it out that that’s the substance she ingested,” said Andrea Carlson, with the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office.

The girl was rushed to the hospital, treated and released to foster care. Benbow is from Seattle, Washington, and is currently lodged at the Jackson County Jail. He is facing multiple charges and his bail is set at $38,000; Benbow could pay 10% of that and be released.

Deputies say they charged him with everything they could at this point. The sheriff’s office is working with the district attorney’s office to see if there could be more charges.


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  1. Beth says:

    Foster care? Doesn’t she have any relatives they could get ahold of?

  2. Lisa says:

    That’s all the bail he has? There must be more serious things to charge him with!
    Foster care may be until relatives can come from Washington.

    Oh, please spell and grammar check your articles. I realize this is a television station site, but
    “baggy’s” is not what you mean! Baggies is plural. Baggy’s is possessive, meaning something belonging to the baggy.
    I’m looking for work if you need a proof reader!

    1. Lisa says:

      I forgot to mention the lack of capital letters in “benbow!” It’s a proper noun, so it gets capitalized. Please, hire someone who doesn’t make a professional news station look bad.

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