Man Arrested in Business Burglary

DUSTIN JACKSONMEDFORD, Ore. — A man accused of stealing $60,000 worth of tools and equipment from his employer was arrested by Medford Police officers this morning. In March, the Medford Police Department was contacted by a local Electrical Contractor who reported an internal theft. The business reported that its employee, 24-year old Dustin Jackson, had worked in their warehouse and stolen over $60,000 in tools from the business.

The investigation showed that since October of 2013, Jackson had pawned or sold approximately 100 tools belonging to the business. According to Police, the tools ranged in value from $100 to several thousand dollars. The tools were pawned or sold to numerous pawn shops throughout the Rogue Valley.

This morning, the Medford Police tracked Jackson down and arrested him without incident, he is lodged in the Jackson County Jail. He is being charged with Aggravated Theft and Theft by Receiving. His bail is set at $50,000.


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  1. Emil Merusi says:

    Off to a good start… So lucky to have a job!!

  2. Kendrick Aucliffe says:

    Guess the lesson here is if you steal from your employer you go to jail with a bail amount but if you deal meth in close proximity to a elementary school you just get cited and released. You shouldn’t have much to worry about since in Medford you can be a serial bank robber with 5 bank thefts and get less than a year in a correctional facility. Just agree to restitution and you will be out in no time.

  3. Marc says:

    Man?!?? this guy looks about 13…..nice way to go, nitwit! Hope you see prison time cuz they’re gonna LOVE you there!!

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