Man Seriously Burnt in RV Fire

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GRANTS PASS, Ore. — A 91-year-old man is severely burned after his recreational vehicle explodes.

The explosion happened Saturday afternoon. According to the Grants Pass Public Safety Department, the man was attempting to start his motor-home by pouring gasoline into the carburetor.  During this process, the engine backfired and ignited the vapors inside the motor-home.

A neighbor witnessed the explosion and called 911.

“We were at a BBQ down the road at a friends house, and we heard the explosion and (saw) a plume of smoke,” said neighbor Scott Ekholm. “I jumped on my motorcycle and ran back over because I knew it was going to be at the park area, and evidently the gentleman had caught the motor-home on fire… moved his car and was headed right back into the flames after he was burnt. So I had to stop him and get him to set down in his car until the fire dept got there.”

The man was badly burned according to Ekholm.

“The front of his pants were literally gone,” he said. “One of his shoes had been burnt off of his foot.  I could see burns on his hands. He had very intense burns… second and third degree burns at least over half of his body.”

Fire crews first took the man to Three Rivers Medical Center.  He was later transferred to the Burn Center at Emanuel Hospital in Portland where he remains today. Currently,  his condition is unknown.

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