Teen Injured After “Street Surfing”

GRANTS PASS, Ore. — A dangerous trend called “road skating” or “street surfing” is showing up online: a person steps out of a moving car, holding on with their hands, so their feet “skate” against the ground. That risky behavior has landed a Grants Pass teen in a hospital with life-threatening injuries according to police.

Wednesday night, 17-year-old Benjamin Davis showed up in the ER with traumatic injuries and police were called. Police say he was riding in a car driven by a juvenile, with another minor in the car.

The two minors told police that Davis reportedly opened the passenger door and stepped out of the vehicle as it traveled at approximately 20-30 miles per hour. After traveling more than 200 feet, witnesses say Davis lost his grip while the vehicle kept driving 20-30 miles per hour.

Police say he fell under the vehicle and was run over by the passenger rear tire. Davis has been transported to a Eugene hospital to be evaluated by specialists for internal organ injuries and brain injuries. Police would like to remind the public that “street surfing” is dangerous and illegal.

Anyone with information regarding this incident is encouraged to contact Detective Brown of the GPDPS at (541) 450-6345.