Man Finds Bullet After Drive By Shooting

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WHITE CITY, Ore. — A father was shocked to find what he believes to be a bullet from this weekend’s drive by shooting in White City. Monday night, an officer showed up to collect the evidence that hit closer to home than the family could have imagined.

Tucker Campagne was home on Saturday night and he says he was sitting on the couch with his kids when he heard the shots.

“Our backs were to the wall that got hit. It’s not something that I want my kids around,” said Tucker.

Campagne says he looked out the window and saw the flashes from the gunshots right down the street and his first instinct was to get his kids away from the situation. He says he heard about 10 shots altogether and what he described as a “thud.” He thought one of the bullets may have hit his house or truck, but did not find anything when he looked around.

Campagne called the police and watched events unfold just yards from his house as the sheriff’s office responded.

Today, Campagne was eating dinner outside and when he looked up saw part of his roof had been shredded. After further investigation, he dug out a 9 millimeter bullet. He says he was surprised to find the bullet, but that this kind of violence is not new on his block.

“In the six, six and a half years that I have lived here I have probably called 911 on that house maybe eight times and I know the cops have been there probably twice that,” said Camagne.

Campagne has started a neighborhood watch, and hopes the sheriff’s department will patrol the area more.

The sheriff office says the bullet will be filed into evidence to find out if it matches the bullets previously collected. Law enforcement is still looking for those involved in that shooting.

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  1. RidgeRunner says:

    Too bad that gangs have taken over the town. They have no fear of being caught whenever they crank off 10 rounds in a residential neighborhood.
    Too bad also, that the DA can’t sue to have the gang house declared a public nuisance and condemned.
    One of these days, a fed up neighbor is going to get involved to stop this krap.
    And then we’ll get to judge whether he’s a victim or a vigilante.

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