Man Arrested for Mushroom Distribution

ERNEST LUTHER TAYLORMEDFORD, Ore. — Ernest Luther Taylor, 37, of Medford is in the Jackson County Jail on charges of possession and unlawful distribution of a controlled substance, including marijuana and Psilocybin mushrooms. He is also facing charges for unlawful distribution of a controlled substance within 1,000 feet of a school and child neglect in the first degree.

At about 9:00 a.m. Tuesday, Detectives from MADGE (Medford Area Drug and Gang Enforcement) served search warrants on the 500 block of W. 11th Street in Medford and on the 7500 block of Highbanks Rd., #1 in Central Point as a result of a six month long investigation into an illegal mushroom growing and distribution operation.

The suspect, Taylor, was taken into custody at his home where the evidence was located. The Highbanks Rd. location was Taylor’s warehouse, where evidence of his marijuana and psilocybin manufacturing and distribution were found.

His bail is set at $90,000.


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  1. Stinki says:

    Is this Hurley from the old TV show “LOST”?


    I’m not into pot or ‘shrooms and I don’t advocate them, but you have to hand a little credit to this guy… I think he’s the first one I’ve ever heard of getting popped for not only growing the ‘shrooms, but also had a full operation with them!

    Aren’t shrooms… so… 80’s? Hehehe!
    Then again, maybe they aren’t. I was never tempted by these types of “recreational farming”, so Id be the last to know.



  2. Sparrows345 says:

    Buh bye Ernie have a nice trip

    1. Ernie says:

      ernies back baby and not only that but i also do magic tricks…wanna see 1?nuthin up my sleeve but watch me make this all disappear…oh wait thats already done as charges are trumped up.im a ommp patient and only had 1lb, well within regulations…and as far as shrooms…i never knew pictures of mushrooms as decoration could be construde as producing/growing..how krazzy these cops can be…….

      1. My Humble Opinion says:

        Welcome back Ernie!!! I agree photographs are not evidence of growing. Maybe the officers are over worked and hallucinating from too much coffee and sugary donuts? LOL

        But seriously, this is s shameful waste of law enforcement’s limited time and resources. I’d rather see money spent investigating rapists, pedophiles and white collar criminals who are really causing harm to others!!! I do not support harrassing and arresting people who are legal medical pot patients within the legal limits of possession of pot for having photos of mushrooms!!!


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