Man Arrested for Illegally Storing Water

EAGLE POINT, Ore. — An Eagle Point man is back in jail for the next three months. Gary Harrington is no stranger to being accused or convicted of illegally storing water.

Officials say he built large dams on his property to capture the rainwater, creating ponds which he has stocked with fish and also added docks to. A Jackson County jury agreed that the 65-year-old man claimed the water illegally.

Harrington says the property is now owned by a membership association, but he lives on the land and takes care of the ponds.


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  1. Forrest says:

    The story is confusing.
    First it reads “Officials say he built large dams on his property ”
    Then at the end it reads “Harrington says the property is now owned by a membership association but he lives on the land”

    So is it HIS property or isn’t it? And is it illegal to store rain water?

    1. Newswatch 12 Staff says:

      It’s pretty clear that it was his property, but it is now owned by someone else, and he still lives on it.

  2. Dan says:

    And why is collecting rain water illegal in the first place? If it fell on his property, it’s technically his water. It still evaporates back into the atmosphere whether it absorbs into the ground or it goes into a holding pond..

    1. Nic says:

      I believe the State of Oregon owns ALL water from the heavens to the water under your feet. Shows you how screwed up our state is. Not like the water is getting wasted! Its soaking right back into the ground and evaporating.

  3. No Justice says:

    The sex offender in Grants Pass (molested 3 kids in his wife’s day care) got three months too.

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