Man Arrested After School Lockdown

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MURPHY, Ore. — Keith Nehf tried to bring his granddaughter back to school after an orthodontist appointment, but came back to a school on lockdown.

“We thought it was a drill, and then with more texting of her girlfriends and other students, we found out it wasn’t a drill, it was actually a lock in,” said Nehf.

A student had reported to school administrators someone had entered the building with a knife. Hidden Valley High School Principal Daye Stone said the person was possibly looking for a student. It was then the school went into lockdown.

“We had confirmation that the person had left and was not in the building. They created a perimeter and ultimately apprehended this person,” said Stone.

Nearby the school, a suspect could be seen in handcuffs. School officials said the suspect was not a student and believe there was a threat.

“Anytime an individual comes onto campus with a knife and shows it to another student, there’s usually a reason,” said Superintendent Patricia Adams.

An automated message was sent out to parents about the initial lockdown around 9:30am. When the all clear was given and school day resumed, parents also received a message. Officials said they are limited to what they can say in the recordings during a lockdown, but improving communication with parents will be looked at.

“One of the areas that we will address is how we can make this communication clear to parents with accurate information and to ensure that their child is safe,” said Adams.