Accused Murderer Takes the Stand

GRANTS PASS, Ore. — A Grants Pass man accused of stabbing his neighbor to death testified in court Monday. 42-year-old Kiley Hudson told jurors he is the victim.

Hudson took jurors step by step of how he recalled the stabbing happened, Hudson says on July 11th, 2011, he came home with his wife and kids. As he was getting his son out of the car, he says his neighbor Gary Solomon approached him wanting to talk.

Hudson says Solomon was persistent, becoming agitated because Hudson refused. He told jurors they started pushing each other and Hudson was able to get him off his property. As he was walking away, Hudson said a neighbor tackled him to the ground. He pushed him off and says he was tackled again and put on a choke-hold.

Hudson claimed he didn’t know who it was. All he could remember was that he couldn’t breathe. So he took out his knife from his pocket and started stabbing in self-defense. Hudson continued his testimony saying he didn’t see any blood around him till he folded the knife and put it in a box inside his home.

In cross examination, the state argued that Hudson had conflicting statements in police reports and what he testified in court to jurors. Both sides rested Monday and closing arguments are expected Tuesday.