Man Accused of Shooting, Killing Dog

Nixon,Terry DonaldMEDFORD, Ore. — A man allegedly shot and killed his dog after it defecated in the house, according to police.

60-year-old Terry Nixon was arrested and charged with aggravated animal abuse, unlawful use of a weapon, reckless endangering and disorderly conduct in the 2nd degree.

Medford Police said officers were dispatched to the 400 block of N. Ross Lane for a report of a dog that had been shot and killed. Nixon initially denied knowledge of a dog being shot and refused to allow officers into the residence.

One witness told officers he saw Nixon shoot and kill a small dog in his backyard. Medford Police said officers also made contact with another witness who had been at Nixon’s home and found the dead dog. This witness took the dog’s carcass to his residence, where officers recovered it. The dog was described as a Chihuahua/Jack Russell mix.

Officers obtained a search warrant for the residence. At the residence, officers located a 9mm handgun, which police believed to be the weapon used in this case.

The investigation revealed that Terry Nixon was the owner of the dog and became upset after the dog defecated in the house. He took the dog into the backyard and shot it at close range. He then placed the dog in a trash can, where the witness later recovered it.
Terry Nixon’s bail is set at $17,000.

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  1. Sherri Corporandy says:

    This makes me sick, there’s a lot of people out there like myself who would LOVE to have a little dog, so what if it pees on the floor, maybe it does that because its scared and is abused constantly. When people take their dogs, any dog, out frequently and are kind to a dog, they do their business outside. I hate this man and all people who abuse any kind of animal. I won’t sleep with the vision of this abuse. Our family has been a victim of a neighbor shooting our dog, in Siskiyou County years ago. It went to court, when the suspect should have been charged with a felony. He got a slap on his hand basically. I have no toleration for animal abusers.

    Angry in Fort Jones, Ca.

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