Mail Truck Rollover Crash in Rogue River

10-26 mail truck crashROGUE RIVER, Ore. – Two drivers were able to walk away unhurt after a multi-car rollover in Rogue River Saturday afternoon.

One of the cars involved, a mail truck, was flipped completely upside down in the middle of the Evans Creek Road.

The other car lie on its side in a ditch, but both drivers were able to walk away from the accident.

Jackson County sheriff’s deputies on the scene say a woman in the other car tried to pass the mail truck and lost control.

“How the flip on the [mail truck] occurred I’m not exactly sure. The other vehicle that was making the pass basically went off the road, and it was a steep grade on the side of the road. And that caused it to roll on its side,” said Sheriff’s Deputy Noah Strohmeyer

The driver attempting to make the pass was cited for an unsafe pass.

The mail truck driver accompanied his car back to the impound lot, where the post office took care of the mail from there. No word has been given from the post office on if and when that mail was delivered.