Mail Carriers Ready For Final Rush

MEDFORD, Ore. — With only days left before Christmas, mail carriers are hard at work making sure packages will be delivered in time.┬áThe delays with Interstae 5 left some delivery trucks running behind schedule and caused the United State Postal Service to make the decision to deliver packages on Sunday, something some carriers say they have never seen.

“The good thing is they actually have somebody delivering tomorrow, Sunday so there’s going to be people out delivering on Sunday which we just don’t do,” said mail carrier Socorro Vega.

USPS will also be delivering packages on Christmas Eve. Mail carriers say the amount of letters have picked up over the past few weeks and as expected, the number of packages in their trucks has seen a sharp increase.

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  1. Phil Davis says:

    They should deliver on Sunday & Christmas day for all the Packages that should have been delivered on time in the first place.. I mailed a Christmas package PRIOITY MAIL just to the Los Angeles area on 12-17-2012. They miss sent it to Bell City where it sat overnight on December 23rd. Now the Prioirty Mail Gift won’t be delivered until 12/26/2012 The day after Christmas. THAT’S 10 DAYS!!!. This is not a rare situation. Why don’t you speak to a local Postal Supervisor and ask them why this happens. I worked for them for 36 years. The Carriers & Clerks really work hard. But they are bound by their Supervisors on what they can and cant do. Locally the Supervisors in Medford have never carried mail or a few have carried for only a very short time. Yet they are directing the mail flow. Go figure. If a Priority piece of mail is found in the wrong city don’t you think the Postal Service should make every attempt at their expense to get that package delivered ASAP. Even if they have to Express it. They don’t always provide the Service that Customers pay for.
    Would you accept not getting what you paid for elsewhere in our retail world.
    I am retire now, but like I said, the Carriers & Clerks really work hard to get the job done. But the inside politics of management leaves a lot to be desired.
    Will I ever use The USPS Again? No. Even after working for them for 36 years, I will go to UPS.
    Thanks and I enjoy your News Show.

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