MADGE Drug Bust On A Public Bus

By Christy Lewis

MEDFORD, Ore. — A woman riding a public bus, passing through Medford is now behind bars.

Medford area drug and gang enforcement or MADGE, teamed up with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to arrest the 27-year-old woman for transporting $22,000 in alleged drug trafficking money.

Madge officials got a tip and arrested her Tuesday on the bus. NewsWatch12 spoke with a few frequent bus riders Thursday and some folks felt this was a common occurrence, people involved in drug trafficking riding the bus.

Others NewsWatch12 spoke with were afraid for their children to continue to ride the bus with this sort of occurrence. Police officials say when the traffickers change tactics like this to avoid getting caught, they change their plan of attack too.

The woman began her trip in Washington and was headed south with the money to California. She’s now lodged at the Jackson County Jail. MADGE officials say traffickers normally transport drugs north and money south.