Lt. Sergi Speaks Out on Investigation

sergiMEDFORD, Ore. — A candidate running for Jackson County Sheriff is speaking out on the current investigation against him.

Lieutenant Bob Sergi released a statement on Thursday about the current criminal investigation by the Oregon Department Of Justice into his election campaign.

In the statement, Sergi says he has been accused of using addresses from an employees’ roster to solicit campaign funds. Sergi denies doing that, instead he says he used a campaign database that has the addresses of all registered voters in Oregon, which is public information, and not illegal.

Sergi says he is confident he will be cleared of all wrong doing; he also accused the sheriff’s office of using dirty political tactics. No charges have yet been filed against Lieutenant Sergi.

Below is Sergi’s full statement sent to the press:

First of all I’d like to thank my wife Theresa and my supporters for standing by me the past couple of weeks during this investigation. I originally wasn’t going to make any kind of statement until the investigation was over, but it’s clear this thing will continue to drag on.

So here are the simple facts. There was an accusation within the Sheriff’s office that I used addresses from an employees’ roster to solicit campaign funds. This information was then turned over to the Oregon Department of Justice who then decided to conduct an investigation into criminal activity. No charges have been filed.

The truth behind the matter is I used a campaign database that has the addresses of all registered voters in Oregon. This is public information. I did nothing unethical or illegal. This is standard practice for competent campaigns. In fact, I know at least one of my opponents uses a similar voter database. Because I did nothing wrong, I’m not worried about the outcome of the investigation.

What this really amounts to is nothing more than petty and vindictive politics motivated by fear. This is exactly the culture in the Sheriff’s Office I intend to change. Instead of leadership, there’s a void that’s been filled with intimidation and scare tactics. This has led to low morale. Meanwhile, the crime rate is rising and resources are being wasted.

These tactics are not going to work. Many of my peers asked me to step up and run against the incumbent. The Sheriff’s office is full of good people, and I have earned their trust and support to get things done. Let me simply point to a vote taken by the Jackson County Sheriff’s Employee Association. I received 52% support, the second place candidate for Sheriff received 29%, and the incumbent received 4%! There is no way to spin those numbers. With no support or trust, you can’t lead, and you can’t keep this county safe.

For one final note I want to comment on how impressed I am with the voters of Jackson County. As I’ve knocked on doors I’ve noticed that without any knowledge of what the investigation is about, voters seem to see right through what’s going on and they get this is about dirty politics. It only reinforces my belief that Jackson County deserves a better Sheriff.

So I am confident I will be cleared of all wrong doing, and I am pushing for a speedy resolution to this matter. In the mean time I will continue to run a good campaign and work hard to win votes.

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office released this statement:

The Oregon Department of Justice is currently conducting an investigation regarding Lt. Robert Sergi. They will most likely not make comments during an ongoing investigation which is a standard practice for most Law Enforcement Agencies. The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office is not involved in the investigation, other than responding to requests for information from the Oregon Department of Justice.

State law does not permit the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office to respond to inquiries from the public or the media regarding the investigation. It is anticipated that the Department of Justice will release information when it is deemed appropriate.

Lt. Sergi is free to discuss the investigation if he chooses.


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  1. Zach Braff says:

    Sheriff Winters using dirty tactics? Why, I am just shocked ot hear that!

  2. Annie says:

    So. Are you saying that politicians are honest? Shouldn’t our crime fighters play with the same toys as the criminals?
    Do you really think the media is going to report the truth? Or just tell stories to get their agenda across…hmmmm….wonder what local history says?
    As for me? Mr. Winters has done a good job. He has a bunch of good guys working to help those of us who are over run with drug infested pot growers, filthy thieves & creeps. He can keep on helping us as far as I am concerned.
    No one is perfect & some are less than others.
    Remember, he who throws mud loses ground. And the some of mud sticks to the thrower. Think about it.

  3. Bruce says:

    Winters a good Sheriff? When should I stop laughing?

    He routinely assists federal agents enforcing federal laws against Oregonians who are in compliance with STATE law.

    The paperwork he sends out with Concealed Handgun Licenses (CHL), goes out of it’s way to imply that there are a whole lot of places you can’t carry that you actually can.

    He fought to deny CHL’s to those who have OMMP cards. Like it or not, OMMP is the law and if OMMP can be used to deny your civil rights, when will that be stretched to the drugs big pharma pushes on everyone?

    Oh and don’t forget, the Sheriff’s department now has a big ole (military) armored truck for it’s “SWAT” team…..never mind that they are yet to NEED it but certainly will have to find good reasons to use it in order to justify keeping their toy.

    Search and Rescue is under the Sheriff’s department. I considered joining but when, at the first meeting I went to to observe them, they had an ACTUAL call out and then some idiot ex cop in charge of some portion of the organization kept talking for another 15 minutes and didn’t shut up until SOMEONE finally said “hey ummmm we’ve got some lost kids out there and it’s getting dark soon”. No Winters wasn’t there. Nor was his Liason officer (in another room). BUT, it’s his department and he’s the one responsible.

    I’m not sure if I’ll vote for Falls or Sergi but it certainly won’t be for Winters.

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