Low Water Levels at Hyatt Lake

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HYATT LAKE, Ore. — Drought conditions are hitting the region this weekend. On what is supposed to be the opening day for activities on the water, a frightening fraction of local lakes are filled.

Hyatt Lake levels are lower than half as of Saturday. Still, park officials are moving forward with opening only one of several boat dock access points, and Bureau of Land Management officials say the deepest part of that dock area is roughly 30 inches.

“Mother Nature has not given us the snow pack that we wish or need for this year. Hyatt Lake is only 48% full … when the weather gets hot, it will, of course, drop significantly,” said Phil Lanni.

The recreation area just launched a new online reservation system to help visitors reserve campsites. Officials hope the dry weather doesn’t deter visitors from taking advantage of the site’s other features.