Low Supply of Flu Vaccine

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MEDFORD, Ore. — People who want to get a flu shot need to act soon. Many pharmacies across the Rogue Valley said they are running out of the vaccine and some are already out of the shots.

West Main Pharmacy, Ashland Drug, Phoenix Pharmacy, Valley Immediate Care, Rite-Aid and Walgreens all reported being out of the flu vaccine, or running low. Some pharmacies had new shipments on order.

Public Health departments in Jackson and Josephine Counties both said they still have a supply of vaccine on hand. Klamath County only has vaccine for children under three years old, and does not expect to have more of the adult vaccine any time soon.

Many people have been reportedly coming in to get the flu shot this week, because of the widespread flu season that’s hitting much of the country. The Center for Disease Control said Oregon has regional influenza activity, which means only some area are seeing a large increase. Pharmacies that have run out of the vaccine said they are referring customers to other locations.

“We’re pretty attuned to who has it, who doesn’t have it, when it’s coming in, when it’s not. And so we’ll refer them to somebody else and then that store gets bombarded, and when the supplies are gone there, then hopefully it will be in someplace else,” said Sandy Allen of Ashland Drug.

Pharmacists said even if you get the flu shot, it can take up to two weeks to begin fighting flu symptoms.