Loud Fireworks Cause Pet Runaways

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Fireworks lit up the sky and the booms could be heard echoing throughout the valley as spectators enjoyed fireworks displays. The same can’t be said for man’s best friend.

July 5th is often a busy day for animal shelters and Friday was no different, with people calling in and looking for their lost pet. Jackson County Animal Shelter officials say on a normal day, between 2 and 5 lost dogs turn up at their shelter.

On Friday, officials say the number is at least double with around 5 to 10 missing dogs and dozens of other phone calls. Dogs turned into the shelter often have one thing in common: no ID tag with contact information from the owner.

Jackson County Shelter Manager Barbara Talbert says this is important every day, not just the Fourth of July. The 5th of July is considered the busiest part of the day at the shelter because of pets who runaway after being spooked by fireworks. Shelter workers came in with dozens of calls waiting for them from both people who found pets and those searching.

“We had over 30 phone calls and phone messages that came in yesterday and this morning about dogs that had gone missing or people finding dogs,” said Jackson County Shelter Manager Barbara Talbert

Online posts such as those on Facebook or Craigslist have also been popping up throughout the day for both lost and found pets. Shelter officials recommend getting your pet licensed and to keep a collar and tag on them at all times.